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Learn to Listen: Art Therapy Meditation

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Our world is changing. Hopefully for the better but there is a lot unlearning and reimagining that needs to happen before true change can occur.

So what can we do?

Many are taking the path of reforming their communication style to stop responding from a place of power but engage as a student with much to learn.

But how do we learn?

The first step might be learning how to listen to understand...rather than respond. With anything new it takes practice and time for a new habit to feel natural. Inspired by this thought I created a simple art therapy meditation to allow you to practice listening. Through channelling what we hear into a visual form we can engage with our perceptions of ourself and the world around us in a new way.

By slowing down and tuning in with our senses we can sooth ragged emotions, centre our energies and emerge as better versions of ourselves. The world needs us to do this work and show up for change. Be well everyone.

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