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Monthly Journal Club

One Month, One Page, One Drawing

Sometimes a blank page can feel like too much work. You might be tired, uninspired or just have zero time for self-care. Rather than starting a new journal page each day, have you ever considered layering? 

What is Monthly Journal Club?

Monthly Journal Club is a practice of creative self care. Each month be guided with an Expressive Arts experience to begin a landing page for the month rooted in self discovery. Use this journal page throughout the month to layer your thoughts, feelings, doodles and create an intuitive canvas. Each month journey deeper, slow down layer by layer and learn how showing up for yourself takes practice.

There are a few ways to join the club:

The Live ONLINE Group | Self Directed | Monthly Journal Club Program

The LIVE Group 

Closed Group Cohort. Intakes in Jan, March, July, Sept.

Meet once a month ONLINE for a 1.5-2 hour therapeutic art workshop. 

Expect laughter, sharing and connection as we use our creativity to release stress, gain insight and find joy in our mark making. Zero art skills needed beyond a creative curiosity. Each group is a closed cohort that moves together through 6-12 sessions. See familiar faces, make new friends and be held in community. 

Each month be introduced to a new theme rooted in self discovery. Learn how to create from the heart and develop a supportive creative practice that is uniquely your own. Through the rest of the month you will be supported with weekly journaling prompts delivered straight to your inbox and a private facebook group to share our pages, tips and resources plus online Socials for all current and past members to stay connected.

Life happened & you missed the live?

A recording is available each month to follow along in your own time. 


6 Sessions: $33 per month

12 Sessions: $22 per Month 


Each cohort meets in the first week of the month at different times.

  • January/July Entry: First Sat of the month @ 10am PST. 

  • March/Sept Entry: First Wednesday of the Month @ 7pm PST


Prefer to work at your own pace? Try the self directed option & have all the content delivered straight to your inbox! Use the Facebook group to stay connected as much or little as you need.

Have your own group of friends interested?

Get in touch to offer a group for your circle at a time that fits.

Limited spots for the LIVE GROUP| Open to Adults 18+ 


Monthly Journal Club Program

Join this self directed program and be supported to create your own journalling practice with content to explore at your own pace.  You have lifetime access to the course and can digest it in anyway that fits for you. Couple months here? Then pause, take a break, come back. This is truly self directed BUT so much more! 

What members are saying... 

This beautiful monthly group is a touchstone for me. It is amazing how Lora gently and skilfully sets the tone for a group of people to feel such a sense of safety, community and care in an online setting. I have come to depend on this space as integral to my wellness practices of imagination and creativity. I love this group.

  • Who is in the Club?
    This space is full of a wonderful group of humans interested in self discovery. You will meet Artists, Art Therapists, Poets, Professionals, Retirees, Mothers, Elders, Gardeners, Neurodiverse, LGBTQ, and Shamans to name a few. All are welcome here.
  • Why join the Club?
    This space is for those who might be seeking: creative community connection to your creative voice a self care routine rooted in mindful therapeutic art practices continued self discovery learn how to journal as a self care practice motivation of a group a safe space to explore all that we are with more than words
  • Do I need to be Artistic?
    Not at all! We are not here to create pretty pages although sometimes that happens. This process of journalling is focused on the process over product. For example, we may feel blue today and incorporate the colour blue into our page that day as a place to be curious about our felt sensations. Our page is a place to explore our feelings, thoughts or simply sink into the catharsis of making marks.
  • Can I pay monthly?
    Absolutely. You can pay in a lump sum payment or monthly subscription for the LIVE or Self Directed Group. The MJCEcourse is a one time payment as you have immediate access to all course content at once.
  • Do I have to come to every LIVE Workshop?
    Life happens and we can't always show up in person. I pre-record our monthly prompt for this exact reason. Each month I email the recording to group members to catch up or re-visit. Do try and make the LIVEs when you can though as it is so fun to create together.
  • What is the difference between LIVE group and MJC Program?
    The LIVE group is just that ALIVE. We share space, energy, questions and inspiration. It is a wonderful place for those seeking creative community connection and the accountability of a group to help motivate us to keep showing up for ourselves. The MJC Program is completely self directed and a perfect fit for anyone who prefers to work at their own pace. You have immediate access to 12 months of content and can start your MJC experience anytime of the year. You do still have community connection through our private facebook group. Be involved as much or little as you like
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