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DIY Finger Maze: Creating Mindfulness

If you have ever walked a meditation labyrinth or maze you might have an awareness of the wealth of benefits that they create. Labyrinths create those beautiful pauses where happiness lives. They give us time to slow down and wonder, learn to trust the path in front of us and bring awareness to our thoughts and feelings. I honestly wish I could walk one ever day. But labyrinths take up a lot of space and are honestly rather hard to find.

So what if you could create your own?

This simple tutorial will teach you how to make your own mini maze to use as a mindfulness tool to hang on your wall ready to support you any time of day!

Materials Needed

Canvas or Wood board

Heavy String/Twine

Glue gun



Modgepodge- DIY recipe

Old paint brush

Finger Maze design


1: Choose a canvas or board that feels good in your hands. Take the time to explore the shape, weight and size. It is helpful to choose a maze design first as sometimes the design will inform you on the shape needed. Maze Designs to printout Trust that you will know when it feels right.

2: Glue the maze printout to the canvas or board. Using your string and glue gun start attaching your string the the maze design. Simply overlay the string on the design. Taking your time, follow the path. Snip where needed until all the lines are covered with string. Hint: Run your finger around the maze making sure no glue blobs impede your progress. You want it to be smooth!

3: Take your newsprint or any thin paper and rip it into smallish bits. Paint modgepodge onto the surface of your canvas THEN press paper onto the glue, moulding it over the string. Cover the entire surface until you cannot see the canvas or string. Paint another layer of modgepodge over the surface smoothing any stray bits. Let dry 24hrs.

4: Check the surface is dry. Cover the canvas with gesso or white paint to create a neutral surface. Let dry.

5: Now Decorate! You can paint the surface, collage on it, draw on it. You are only limited by your imagination.

How do I use a it?

There are LOTS of ways that you can use a maze but here are some of my favourites

Ask it a question. Hold the question in your mind as you travel the maze with your finger. When you reach the centre pause to receive an answer. Pause for as long as you need to receive. When you are ready, travel the path outward with your finger taking the time to understand and bring awareness to the answer.

Emotional Regulation. Feeling overwhelmed, struggling with a feeling or just feel off? Take a mindful moment to check in with yourself. Find a comfortable spot, take a breath, close your eyes if that feels right and allow your finger to explore the maze. Pay attention to the felt sensations, notice the sounds around you, go slow. When you reach the centre pause, breathe. How are you feeling now? Can you name or allow those feelings? What support do they need to transform?

Often when I use the maze I find it provides the exact pause I need to move forward with clarity and compassion. Plus it is a beautiful piece of art to hang on your wall as a visual self care reminder. This activity is perfect for any age group (with assistance) as you can never be too young or old to learn how to sit with ourselves and wonder :)


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