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Intuitive Collage: Question Everything

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Welcome to the world of Intuitive Collage! This activity taps into your intuition to create around any question you might have. As you dive into the process themes will emerge and a story will start to unfold, rich with information and discovery.

When we turn off logic and stop focusing on skill we can find an authentic thread. That quiet voice that lives underneath our loud inner critic. It has a lot to say if we give it space to speak.

Breathe deep. Notice what emerges.

Did you feel any discomfort?

Did push through and keep creating anyways?

Where you drawn to a particular colour?

Be curious. Ask yourself why?

You have the answers even if you don't think so.

Try this activity when you want to dive deep, have a conversation with yourself and emerge refreshed, with new insight and saturated in creative exploration. This activity can be adapted to a group setting or as a family if you would like to create around a similar topic. Perhaps you would like to explore the arrival of a new baby? A mutual transition in your life? Or keep it simple and find a quote or song lyrics that are inspiring. It is fascinating to witness what everyone creates given the same topic. A huge window into each individuals lived experience. Enjoy and be well everyone!


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