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Why Art Therapy?

Did you know that less than an hour of creative activity can reduce your stress and have a positive effect on your mental health, regardless of artistic experience or talent?

Art Therapy is a collaboration of Art-making & Psychotherapy  

 With Art Therapy you will discover how to tap into the innate healing power of your creativity. When we are creative we drop past the places our words protect. This honest space that exists within all of us is filled with insight and wisdom just waiting to be discovered.


Here we can shift the pieces that keep us stuck. Release blockages and find meaning in our instinctual responses to write a new chapter rooted in our beliefs and values. All from something as simple as a brush stroke, a movement or story shared.

You are not alone on this journey. It is my role to be your witness, collaborator and guide. This alliance transforms your art-making to psychotherapy through the relationship formed. You will find a confidential safe space with an unbiased view to be heard for who you are, supported towards who you want to be. 

What happens in session? 

​​Each session is unique...just like you.


Our time may start through exploring a material that engages your curiosity such as paint, clay or sand tray. We focus on process over product to connect with our inner world. I might nudge towards a medium that supports your therapeutic goals, a guided meditation to ground or somatic movement to release what the body holds. 

Sometimes we create silence. Sometimes we don't make art at all

Each session will meet you where you are at and are tailored to fit your unique goals. Art Therapy is an incredibly safe container. 

Some of
my Areas
of Focus

Self exploration & identity 

 Trauma recovery & nervous system regulation

Releasing blockages & becoming unstuck

Creating or re-igniting a creative practice

Working WITH our depression, anxiety, grief

Support through life changes & Transitions

Building community. Creating supportive online environments

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