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Monthly Journal Club Self Directed Program!

One Month, One Page, One Drawing

Take a self directed turn around the sun with this self care journaling practice that fits to the rhythm of your life. Each month begin a page to layer on as a grand canvas to catch all the stuff...our scribbles, doodles, random thoughts, and frustrations. Learn how to use your creative voice as place to process instead of produce. This journaling method is deeply nourishing and transformative as you deepen your creative connection with a dedicated and supported journaling practice.  

What's in the course? 

  • 12 Monthly Audio or Video guided activities rooted in Mindfulness and Art Therapy 

    • Creative Play | Practicing Ease | Connect the Heart | Inner Melodies | Stories We Tell Ourselves | Step into Strengths | Outside Inside | Openings | Celebrating Spirit | How's your Container? | Sowing our Attention

  • 12 Music Playlists to match monthly Meditation

  • Monthly themed Journal Prompts for Inspiration

  • Private Facebook group for Community Connection


Join ANYTIME of the year. Once enrolled you will have lifetime access to all the content at once. Simply choose the month you are in to begin and press play. Missed a month? No problem. You can return here anytime you are ready to start again. 

Stay connected in our private Facebook group as a place to share our pages, hop into an ONLINE Social, meet like minded people on the same journey and keep inspiring each other to show up and create. 

Cost for the year?
$144 CAD

just $12 per month


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