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Dandelion Iced Tea: Foraging for Health

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

I love activities that tap into the rhythm of the changing seasons. Noticing the transitions and celebrating them brings a grounded sense of mindfulness into my day. One welcome sight in spring is the yellow of the mighty dandelion! This plant often treated as a nuisance is full of vitamins and minerals. One easy way to start incorporating dandelion into your diet is through making a tea.

Dandelion Iced Tea

2 cups dandelion petals

Boiled Water

Sweetener: Honey/ Maple Syrup

Glass container

Additives: Mint/ Lemon/ Ginger etc...

  • Gather dandelion blooms from a location free of pesticides and traffic. Best harvesting practices is to gather about 10% in one area and move on to a new patch. Leave some for the bees!

  • Wash flowers in a colander and snip off green parts. You can leave on the green but it can create a bitter flavour.

  • Place 2 cups of petals into a large container. I use a 2 litre canning jar.

  • Add sweetener and additives. We like ours with mint leaves and 2 TBS honey. Explore and create your own special blend.

  • Top up container with hot boiled water and let steep for 30 minutes.

  • Strain and place in fridge to cool or pour over ice. Will keep in the fridge for 5 days. Enjoy!

Hint: Other ways we use the tea in our house is freezing it into popsicles and adding it to smoothies for an extra vitamin hit. There are endless ways to add foraged food into your daily diet.



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