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Navigate the Holidays with Grace: Advent Calendar

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

The holidays this year might look very different for many of us. We might be stressed by finances, missing loved ones or just in overwhelm over the year 2020 has been. I see you. I am you!

I created this for all of us to use as tool to stay connected, grounded and supported during all that holiday noise. No matter how much we LOVE or HATE the holidays we could all use a little support for our mental health. I created two calendars for you. One is filled with daily activities to encourage staying connected and supported with what makes The prompts are simple and attainable as any good to list should be. Follow the daily prompts.or you can make your own! Use the second blank calendar to fill in with your own ideas. After all you know yourself and your needs better than anyone.

Printable PDF downloads below to make it simple to start supporting yourself today.

No printer? Save the image to your phone for reference or get creative and make your own!

Stuff envelopes to open with daily pick me ups?

Or draw a calendar in your journal?

Schedule daily texts to yourself with prompts?

It could be fun to create something uniquely you!

Have fun and be well everyone!

Printable Downloads

WC Advent Calendar
Download PDF • 3.04MB
Blank Advent Calendar
Download PDF • 3.02MB


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