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Worry Monsters!

Are you or your child experiencing stress or anxiety?

Try this creative intervention to shift our thoughts onto the page. This activity creates a perfect bridge to conversations around sharing our thoughts and concerns, giving shape and form to what worries us, and taking a good look at problems. All while practicing connecting to our breath and calming our nervous system.

Sometimes a fresh perspective shows us that our worries are not that scary after all!


Paper (thicker paint is better)

Round sticker or tape cut in a round shape

Watercolour or watered down paint

Paintbrush or dropper




  1. Place two round stickers on paper

  2. Drop any colour paint onto paper

  3. Use a straw to blow paint around the paper

  4. Peel off stickers and bring your monster to life.

  5. Use a pen to add details.

Voila! Your very own worry monster.

Ways to open conversation

  • What colour do we feel inside?

  • What shall we call this creation?

  • What kind of home does it need?

  • Can I make it a friend?

  • Tell me about your image?

Be curious. Be engaged. Be playful.

Do the activity with your child.

No children? Create one for yourself! We don't need children to be playful with our feelings and look at things from a new angle. This is an activity that is fun for all.

Be well everyone!

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