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Track the Sun: Solstice Activities

Do you celebrate Solstice? There are many reasons beyond the traditional spiritual roots of solstice to celebrate the changing season.

From a mental health perspective the sun is linked to our happiness. Have you ever noticed in the summer that everything just seems easier? There is a direct correlation between sunshine and our mood. When the body recognises sunlight through the optic nerve, the gland in the brain which regulates melatonin slows its function, and serotonin levels increase. Spending time in the sun increases your happiness.

In our busy lives we rarely gift ourselves the time to be present and grounded in our natural world but our body and mind crave it. We seek connection. We NEED connection. I encourage you to consider taking the time this year to pause and say thank you to the sun. Create a new or build on an existing tradition.

Celebrating solstice does not have to be a spiritual practice but an act of gratitude and connection. Hit pause to say thank you and acknowledge the power of light to create life. Look around your world and see how much of it is possible because of the sun.

What would celebrating the sun look like for you?

Keep it simple and authentic. This should be an activity that nourishes you and fills your day with light. Some simple activities are below for inspiration.

  • sunrise / sunset yoga

  • brew sun tea

  • make shadow art

  • make bird feeders out of orange peels

  • gather wildflowers and make sun catchers

  • build a fire and roast marshmallows

  • make an outdoor mandala

  • DIY Sundial...details below

Try creating your own SUNDIAL. This activity is the perfect way to tune in to a creative sun filled day and kids LOVE it.


12 markers (seashells, rocks, write in sand, etc...) one marker for each hour.

1 straight stick

Find a location in full sun. Don't worry if there is shade for part of the day. You will just not have a shadow line during those hours.

Place stick upright in your location. You can use a spot in your garden, in nature, or my favourite in a tree stump.

Check your watch at the top of the hour and see where the shadow falls. Place the first corresponding marker on the shadow line. For example: If your watch says 2:00 place the two marker on the shadow line.

Each hour check the shadow line and place the next marker. Once you have set the markers the sundial is ready for use! (Tip: Set an alarm to at the top of each hour to place your sundial markers)

This simple activity creates deep connection with the sun. It is mindful way to have conversations about our world, the environment, passages of time and seasons and show some love to our shadow selves. Wishing you all a wonderful solstice and hope you feel inspired to create your own sun celebration.

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