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Summer Break: Rest and Rejuvenate

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Hello Everyone! Summer has arrived and with it a desire to step away from the computer and spend time outdoors with our nearest and dearest. I would like to honour this instinct and hit pause....for now. Don't worry this blog is not going to disappear as I love sharing art therapy with you.

Creative Corner was born in quarantine with the intention of providing art therapy activities at home when we couldn't connect in person. During quarantine there was an immense need for activities to soothe ragged emotions, connect with others and ourselves, and create for comfort and introspection. Now the world is opening and the need feels less...which is perfectly natural!

Summer is not a time we naturally tend to go inward. We take holidays, spend time in nature and create opportunities to hit pause on the world for a time. It is needed for our mental health and I would like to encourage this by shifting the focus of this blog to mirror the rhythm of nature. The natural world does not thrive in a weekly routine but adjusts to its environment as needed to thrive.

So let's adjust and create space to relax. I encourage you to spend time doing activities that bring a smile to your face. This could be as simple as afternoons in a hammock reading a book, jumping into a lake or trekking into the wilderness to unplug. Think about what makes you smile and create space for it. Take a break. Sink into it and bathe in what rejuvenates you. It has been a hard year.

I will be back soon after I take a break to practice some of the activities listed below.

Be well everyone!

Summer Activities for Wellness

Long walks

Draw or play music outside

Plant a garden

Go swimming

Ride a bike

Trail Running

Trek to a new vista

Paint Rocks

Have a picnic

Go camping

Take up nature photography

Make fruit popsicles

Go to the farmers market

Do yoga outside

Sit around a fire with friends

Have a BBQ


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