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Meditative Art: Practicing the Enso

Updated: May 18, 2020

Welcoming the spring with an Enso! I wanted to share with you an ancient practice that combines meditation, art and the outdoors: The Zen Circle or Enso. I spent many years studying Zen philosophy in Japan and this practice was one of the first steps on my path to becoming an Art Therapist. It holds a special place in my heart.

The purpose of the Enso is capture in visual format a decisive moment when your mind is free to let your body create. Through meditation you create a mind/body connection and translate it into one decisive stroke. It is elegant in its simplicity and powerful in its execution. Try making your own and learn a new mindful practice today. Below you will find a short video demonstration to start you on your way.

How this can help?

  • Use as a daily practice. Ground in routine with a visual reference point.

  • Practice non-attachment. No skill involved beyond allowing yourself to let go.

  • Practice outdoors and feel connected to world around you in a mindful way

  • Visual history of your journey to motivate you to explore more mindful practices.

  • Try as a group. Experience the same moment but expressed in vastly different ways.

Simple Meditation Guide

Sit in a comfortable position within sight of nature or growing things.

Half close your eyes and allow your gaze to soften and relax

Breathe in and out. Count your breathe: 1

Breathe in and out. Count your breathe: 2

Breathe in and out. Count your breathe: 3

Continue this pattern until you reach 10 and then return to 1 and start counting again.

As you ease into this framework of counting your mind relaxes. Focuses.

Its only task is to count 1to 10 and repeat.

Notice smells, sounds, sights, and sensations. Ground fully in the present moment.

Your mind will wander. That is ok. Just return to number 1 and start again.

You can practice this method for as long or little as you like.

It can be done anywhere and with anyone. Solo or as group.

You will notice with practice that it will become easier to slip into the present moment and practice mindful awareness. Eventually you will no longer need the framework of counting. Time will slip away and you will emerge rejuvenated. I hope this simple technique provides you with a new tool to practice mindful moments today.

Be Well Everyone!

Want to learn more about the Enso?

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