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Heart Meditation: Art to Soothe the Soul

Hello February! I find this month can feel very fast and slow at the same time. This year it also feels rather heavy. Like running a marathon through water with no finish line in sight. When we are feeling stretched thin it is important to build capacity through maintaining connection to ourselves.

Try this extremely simple water colour meditation to tune into your heart, allow feelings to move out on the page and create a restorative moment of calm in your day.


Watercolour paper or thick paper


Paint brush

Jar of water


Before you begin take a moment to ground and connect.

Take a few deep breaths as you allow your attention to go inwards.

See what feelings you are holding today?

Ask yourself... If we were to give them shape and form what colour would they be?

Hold the answer with curiosity and begin.

Using a wet paint brush draw a heart shape on your dry paper. Inside the heart shape make the paper very wet. Use only water at this stage

Using your watercolour choose a colour to represent your internal state. Soak your paintbrush with that colour

Touch the brush to the wet heart shape and watch the colours expand. You can keep dabbing colours you are drawn to and allow them to mingle and merge on the page.

Relax as you allow your feelings to emerge into visual form. There is no need to understand or interpret them. It is enough to allow them to be. Check in with yourself:

Have your feelings changed?

How do you feel in your body?

Take a moment to allow everything to merge.

This simple activity can highlight how fleeting our emotions really are. We are not defined by our emotions. We FEEL our emotions. Sometimes bringing awareness to what we feel is all that is needed to gain understanding on how to respond or simply feel ALL our big beautiful feelings.

You can try this activity solo, as a couple, or family. If you want to take this a step further you can do this as a daily check in, add another level of reflection by journalling your thoughts afterwards or turn these into affirmation cards for yourself. Learning how to identify what we are feeling is a powerful tool to self discovery.

Wishing everyone well and peace in your heart.

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