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Gratitude Tree: Focus on the positive

Let's be honest. 2020 has been a really hard year. It might seem hard to shift our focus to being thankful when our current reality may be altered so completely it is hard to recognise. But for this exact reason it is important to spend time exploring what remains. Adversity can serve to highlight in intense detail what we value beyond anything else.

So take a creative moment to remind yourself on what truly feeds your soul. It will be time well spent.


Wax crayons or oil pastel





This method is a simple wax resist technique. Draw an under image using pastels or crayons. Cover the image with watercolours and watch your drawing reemerge as the wax resists being covered by the paint. After the image has dried you can continue adding your thoughts/details with a pen/pencil. Voila!

You can draw any image that speaks to you. Please don't feel like it must be a tree. This is just a symbol that easily translates to the idea of growth and gratitude.

Before, during or after you create your drawing spend some time thinking about what you feel grateful for this year.

Gratitude Prompts

  • A strength I posses

  • Something that comforts me

  • Something money can't buy

  • Something that is funny

  • Something in Nature

  • Something that has changed

  • Something beautiful

  • A treasured memory

  • Something interesting to me

  • Anything that speaks to you...

There is so much to be thankful for when we take the time to reflect and connect.

Be well everyone!

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