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Create with Nature: Berry Ink

Capture the last days of summer through making your very own Berry Ink! This is a perfect activity to get you outside connecting with your environment, manifest your very own organic art materials and unearth your creativity onto the page in a new and fun way. Use the inks to write, draw, or whatever inspires you in the moment. Activity is wonderful for all ages.


Gather your materials. We wanted to try a variety and gathered blackberry, raspberry, blueberry and cynamoka (wild blueberry) berries.

We used fresh and frozen berries for our experiment. Fresh proved to have a stronger pigment.


Jar with lid

1/2 cup berries - any berry will do. Fine to use overripe berries not good for eating

Small mesh strainer


1/2 teaspoon vinegar

1/2 teaspoon salt

Straw or Feather



  1. Warm up berries- 30-60 seconds in microwave or a in a pot on the stove. Heat up just enough that berries start releasing juices.

  2. Working bathes press berries through strainer with spoon. Mashing over the jar to collect juice. Throw away or compost leftover pulp

  3. Add vinegar and salt to juice and stir until it dissolves

  4. Cover jar and refrigerate. If you have the patience leave it over night to set.

While you wait you can make a Pen or Quill. If you don't have a feather, a plastic/paper straw will work. Cut the tip at an angle to create a point. Then split the very end of the point in two with a 1/2 inch slit (see image)

Dip your pen in the prepared ink and explore you new mark making tool.

Explore with different types of berries and see what colours you can make. Ink will keep in the fridge for a few weeks.

Have fun everyone!

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