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Tracking Tree: A Perpetual Calendar

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

One of my passions is patterns. It is an important part of my job as an art therapist and counsellor. I notice repetitions and search for their source. What is returning and why? There is always a story to follow that leads to a deeper understanding of what guides us.

Today I present you with a visual tool to potentially help you track patterns in your life. It is simple and requires nothing but a moment of your day. Use this template or get creative and make your own. Decide on something you or your child want to track and bring attention to. Assign a colour in the key to your topic. Each day fill in a leaf with the colour matching the key. Simple right! Overtime a beautiful kaleidoscope of colour will appear showing your unique patterns.

How this could help:

  • Tune into nature by tracking the daily weather or temperature. Create mindful awareness of your environment and form a deeper connection to the rhythm of nature around you. This a wonderful grounding ritual for children, gardeners, nature lovers, etc...

  • Track your emotions. Struggle with anxiety or depression? Use this visual to discover possible triggers. Perhaps you might learn that certain holidays or seasons are more challenging. Through noticing this pattern you can adjust to seek supports when you need it most.

  • Track your coping skills- good and bad! To create change you first have to notice what no longer serves you.

  • Create a growth mindset by giving yourself small challenges of things you want to focus on in your life: walking, practicing your passions, cooking at home, exercise etc...

  • The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

Below I created two printable templates to get you started today - Annual and/or Monthly Tracking Trees. Engage at any level that fits for you. Print it small to glue in to your journal or large and post it on your wall!

Don't have a printer? No problem. Get some paper and draw your trunk with 12 branches for each month (annual), or 4 branches for weeks (month). Then using any material found in your home assign a topic to the material: ie: glue on coloured papers shaped like leaves, find different materials in your recycle box or just draw it on. You can easily create your own unique perpetual calendar.

Click images to Download

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