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Creative Kits: Building Capacity

Updated: May 11, 2020

We are all creative beings with an innate need to channel our inner world into an external container; wether that be movement, words, visuals, or sound. We are drawn to various creative genres because we need them. Through expression we make sense of the world.

As an Art Therapist people often ask me how to be more creative? They know something is missing in their life and are unsure how to connect with their unique gifts. Perhaps it is something they have never explored or had supported? Many of us can relate to growing up in a world where limitations and expectations were placed on creative expression.

My art looks like a kindergarten art.

I sound like a broken record.

I have two left feet.

Sound familiar?

We often base our sense of creative value on external validation, an audience. So what would happen if we took the audience away? It you created without fear purely for yourself? I guarantee you would discover an untapped wealth of inner knowledge just waiting to pour out.

So where do you start? In this video you will learn how to begin creative exploration through making your own creation kit and welcoming expression into your life.

Want to learn more? Explore my Free Download: 6 steps to Creativity

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